New updates and improvements to NovoChat.

  1. If you want to use WhatsApp broadcasts or automations, but do not want to use your personal number, you can now purchase new numbers for WhatsApp use within NovoChat!

    This feature is perfect for users who want to rotate across multiple WhatsApp numbers, and also helps prevent your own WhatsApp number from getting reported for frequent broadcasts.

    Simply go to Settings > Purchase Number > Click "Purchase Numbers"

    *Each new number costs $5


    Check it out >>

  2. If you're using NovoChat's WhatsApp automations, we have good news! We just released 2 more new automations for e-commerce.

    • Order Confirmation
    • Shipping Updates

    For order confirmation, it will trigger upon receiving payment (on Shopify).

    For shipping confirmation, it will trigger upon shipping status (on Shopify).

    Simply navigate to Automations > Toggle Automation Type


    Try it out yourself here

  3. When uploading contacts into NovoChat, you can upload tags alongside their contact details now!

    This lets you automatically categorize your contacts into different groups.


    Try it here.

  4. Filter Inbox

    New Feature 🚀

    You can now filter Inbox messages via Channels. Simply click on the funnel icon.


  5. Shopify App Launch 🎉

    New Feature 🚀
    Announcement 📢
    Announcements - (NovoChat) Shopify App

    Huge news, we just launched NovoChat's Shopify app!

    You can now trigger automated WhatsApp messages based on your customers' actions.

    Here's what NovoChat's Shopify app can do:

    💪 Automated WhatsApp messages based on Shopify triggers (think MailChimp for WhatsApp)

    💪 E-commerce templates like abandoned cart recovery

    💪 Track purchases and revenue from your upsell messages

    If you have a Shopify store, check out the integration here.


    Shopify integration

    Integrate to Shopify store so that I can have customers' information (eg. order details) to chat with them easily.

    Shipped 🚀


  6. New Upload CSV Flow

    Improvement 💪

    Uploading contacts via CSV is now improved! You can map your CSV fields to your contact's variables now.

    Here's a quick screenshot of the new flow for Campaigns:


    Navigate to Campaigns > Create new Campaigns

  7. Copy of Announcements - (NovoChat) Shopify Automations - Order Fulfillment

    We revamped the way you broadcast WhatsApp messages!

    If you click on "Campaigns" > "Create New Campaign", you'll see it split into 4 sub-sections:

    • Set Up
    • Select Contacts
    • Content
    • Preview

    This makes it clear and easy for you to set up and launch your broadcast message campaigns!

  8. New Sidebar

    Improvement 💪

    Hey guys, if you're reading this, you may have noticed a minor difference in the NovoChat sidebar.

    And yes, we've revamped the dashboard sidebar to include (i) Chat Button (ii) Automations (upcoming new feature)