New updates and improvements to NovoChat

  1. Export Your Contacts

    Improvement 💪

    You can now can export contacts in two different ways:

    • Export all contacts shown in the table. Users can apply tag filter. Whatever is the current table view, the general export button will download all contacts in that view.
    • Users can select some contacts and export the only selected.
  2. We just added a search function to the NovoChat inbox.

    You can now search in conversations, and jump directly to the specific message containing the searched phrase.


  3. Unassign a conversation

    Improvement 💪

    Accidentally assigned a conversation to you? You can now reverse by selecting "Unassigned" option from the agent dropdown.

  4. We've added more functionality to the chat system. You can now download voice messages that you receive in your chats (WhatsApp, Messenger etc.)

    Save voice msg
  5. For Shopify and EasyStore users, you can now retrieve your Shopify/EasyStore data within NovoChat, and manually send messages to customers from our Customer Data table.

    What does this do for you?

    If you are under Starter or Solo plan, you won't have access to our WhatsApp automations, which lets you automate message-sending.

    But with this, you now have the flexibility to qualify which customer needs a follow-up and manually send a follow-up message to them.

    How to access?

    Go to Automations > Manual, and you will see the list of your orders that we synced from your store.

  6. You can resolve all assigned conversations with one click, using the "Resolve all assigned" button.

    This marks all conversations under the Me tab (assign to me) as resolved.

  7. You can assign all unassigned conversations to me with one click, using the "Assign all to me" button.

    This will assign all unassigned conversations to you instantly, without manually assigning one by one.

  8. Campaign Sending Speed

    New Feature 🚀

    WhatsApp campaigns now come with message sending speed.

    You can adjust the speed based on your use case and the campaign size. This way, you can reduce the chance of getting banned for spamming when sending a large campaign volume. Set the sending speed just before launching the campaign.

  9. Untitled (1)

    Good news! Bye-bye to painfully deleting contacts one by one. You can now select multiple contacts and delete them at once. Simply mark the contacts you want to delete, the delete button will appear at the top-left corner of the table.

    Pro tip: Easily search contacts by applying the tag filter, mark contacts, and delete in bulk.